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What’s better than solving a murder mystery right in the comfort of your own home or a truly sinister-esque space. You’ll get to play the detective for once and channel the characters from your favourite TV shows, NCIS, CSI, even the popular and well known Sherlock Holmes.

Prepare to be immersed in a fun evening of treachery, blackmail and intrigue. Who doesn't love the soothing sounds of murder, mayhem, and the tortured suspense of an edge-of-your-seat mystery? Let’s get on with a fun evening of murder and mayhem!

The night kicks off with the Murder of Don “Big Jim” Ravioli and all those attending become prime suspects.  Later in the evening, each guest will be given a Confidential Booklet that will contain your Secrets. Information you may know about other characters and some things you will need to do duSilhouettes of 1920's gangsters for murder mystery dinner activityring the course of the evening.

Character prGreat Gatsby silhouettes for murder mystery dinner activityofiles will be sent to the players upon booking, in order for them to prepare for the event, thus we need all participants e-mail addresses.

We award certificates as follows:

Super Sleuth;  for those guests that solve the murder.

Wealthiest Player;  for the guest with the most “money” at the end.

Best Costume;  for the most creative costume.

                                                                     Best Performer;  for the person who plays their part the best.

Please Note: Laser Paintball Parties only supply the activity, venue and meals to be sourced by the client.

Activity Duration: 2 - hours

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