Laser Tag

Laser Tag is the concept of paintball without the pain. The equipment is eye safe, no pain and hours of  party fun, for both kids and parents of all ages.

Laser Paintball Parties is a fully mobile company, coming to wherever you are. We arrive an hour before to build the court in any space, if we can we will suggest a space as big as 20 x 20m. Our course is made up of camouflaged bunkers and a few inflatables, each one can hide an adult. Then we present/facilitate the games for 2 hours.

There are various types of games e.g Capture the Flag , Protect
the VIP (my personal favorite), Checkers and many more.

Types Of Games You Can Play in Laser Tag:

The standard game is Team Death match – where one team tries to ‘kill’ the members of the other team
until all your lives are ‘dead’. But we also offer:

Elimination matches

where a player can become eliminated if ‘shot’ a certain number of

Protect the VIP

each team selects a VIP, which has to remain alive during the course of the game. The team with the surviving VIP walks away victorious.

Capture the flag

where a player steals the opponents flag an takes it back to their own
base in order to win the match.

Young girl having fun playing Laser Tag in Centurion

To optimize game-play, we require Minimum 10 players per Party. A
Maximum of 14 Players in the field per game.

Mid week Special: Monday – Thursday (excl public holidays)

2 Hours of exciting outdoor laser paintball game

Minimum of 10 paid players required, (15+ players, will play in groups)

Use of our bunkers

Starting from R155 per player (travel fee applies)

Alpha Party Package (2 hours) Includes:

2 Hours of exciting outdoor laser paintball game

Minimum of 10 paid players required. (15+ players, will play in groups)

Use of our bunkers

Starting from R160 per player (travel fee applies)

Please take note of our updated Weekend Time slots:


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