Funscapades is a game of fun escapades.

Our Funscapades activity is ideal for kiddies parties, family events or even corporate team building. Loosely inspired by the traditional “Boeresports”, this activity not only offers fun, outdoor sports. But also builds trust, leadership and teamwork between the players.

Presently we have a total of 10 different games in this adrenaline pumping activity, including; Hot Air Balloon, Balloon Hug, Chicken Run, Lost your Marbles and more. We do also have a few strategy activities to add on for team buildings. This is to ensure that not only are you tested physically, but also mentally!

As with the best activities, Fusncapades requires a minimum of 10 paid Players to optimize on the fun.  All players will be divided into teams to compete for scores and ultimately a winning team shall prevail. Thus giving you the ultimate bragging rights when emerging victorious in a game of strength, skill and wit.

To see a short video of this Fun activity please visit our Facebook page by clicking here. 

Activity Duration: 1hour 30 minutes

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Kids being briefed on Funscapades
Logo for Funscapades Activity
Kids Warming up for Funscapades after briefing